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Our firm specializes in helping business owners, management or employees, buyers or sellers, and customers or consumers with all their legal needs, while resolving any disputes that occur.

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​Dispute Resolution Systems Design

 Let us help your business or organization reduce conflict and increase productivity by developing a custom Dispute Resolution System.  

Mediation Training
Mediation training is available for individuals wishing to become mediators or for business or other organization wishing to reduce workplace conflict.

Train The Trainer

Are you an experienced mediator who now wants to teach others the art of mediation in a classroom setting?  We can train you and give you the tools and strategy for success.  Our program can also help you avoid the little mistakes on oversights that only experience can teach. Mr. Margiotti is a certified "Mediator Trainer" by the National Association of Certified Mediators .

Settlement Counsel

Need a fair resolution of an important matter?  Want to preserve an important relationship but still get justice? Let our training and experience assist you in achieving the  desired result.

Trial Counsel

Over 100 jury trials and thousands of non-jury trials and a success rate well in excess of 90% in each.  Comfortable, competent and confident in front of any tribunal.




A binding or non-binding process where the neutral(s) receives evidence and resolves the dispute by making a decision based upon that quality of the evidence presented and the applicable law.     


A voluntary third party assisted negotiation where a neutral mediator facilitates a dialogue between the parties with the goal of resolving disputes by finding an agreement that is acceptable to all sides. Mediation is ideal for most disputes an especially when there is an ongoing or valuable relationship.    Need a quick resolution? We offer Mediation On   The "MOD" Squad can react quickly and globally.


A process where in the neutral first tries to resolve the matter by way of mediation but if there is no resolution via mediation than the Neutral will then makes a decision. This process can save time and money vs. Mediation followed by Arbitration with separate Neutrals.


An expedited interim arbitration process that parties agree would be binding on the parties until such time as a more formal resolution of the dispute takes place. This is often used in construction matters where the parties need a quick resolution that will allow a project to move forward.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Often the distance between or relationship of the parties, the size of the claim or other factors makes brining the parties together in the same physical location impractical or inadvisable. In such cases we are trained, equipped and experienced in providing ADRAnswerstm online.         

Early Neutral Evaluation 

When is the best time to resolve a conflict?  As early in the dispute as possible. It will save time, energy and money as gives the best chance to preserve important relationships.  Got a problem?  Don't get over it.  Get it resolved!  Early Neutral Evaluation gets the parties together early with a neutral who can help.  

We have knowledge and experience resolving a vast array of legal issues and disputes. We know that conflicts can sap time, energy, focus, and funds.  Statistics show that approximately 98% of cases settle. If you have a dispute. Don't get over it. Get it resolved! We've got a number of different options that help you find  ADRAnswers(R) as quickly as possible to keep costs as low as possible.

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