The world of Arbitration, especially in the international context is constantly changing.  In order to keep abrest of these changes it is imperative to invest in attending conferences presented by various groups throughout the globe.  Below is a sample of recent conferences attended:

* 11th & 12h ICC New York Conference

* 5th & 6th Global Arbitration Review (GAR)

​* IBA Annual Conference 

​* AAA/ICDR International Arbitration Conference '16,'17 

​* 32nd Joint Colloquium on International Arbitration, The World Bank

​* 5th Annual Damages in International Arbitration Juris Conference


​* Contemporary Issues & Emerging Trends in International Arbitration, International Arbitration Association, University of Pennsylvania


*Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

​*International Institute For Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR)

​*London Court of International Arbitration

​*United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

* Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas

* New Jersey Superior Court

Over 300 cases arbitrated

​Member-Association For International Arbitration 

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Selected Conferences Attended

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Selected Arbitration Training

Approximately 100 hours of Arbitration training and instruction including  over 50 from the prestigious Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)including 35 hours in conjunction with the Columbia Law School 

International Commercial Arbitration, Columbia Law School & CIArb

International Arbitration, PBI (Pennsylvania Bar Institute)

​Efficiency & Effectiveness of Arbitration, London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)

Resolving International Trade Disputes, PBI

Soft Law in International Arbitration, International Bar Association (IBA)

Costs, Interest, etc. in International Arbitration, IBA

Arbitrability & Public Policy Under The New York Convention, IBA

Compulsory Arbitration, PBI

Arbitration Ethics, ALM

Managing a Successful Arbitration, the College of Commercial Arbitrators

Efficient, Effective and Affordable Commercial ADR, ACR

Arbitrating the Difficult Discharge Case, AAA

Don’t Strike Back-Retaliation Claims, AAA

Basic Arbitration Training, NJICLE

Binding Arbitration under the N.J. Uniform Arbitration Act, NJICLE

Dealing With the Pro Se Party in Mediation and Arbitration, AAA

Resolving Construction Disputes-The New Alternatives, NJICLE

​Online Tools for Arbitration, Virtual Mediation Lab

Arbitration Experience