International Institue for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR)

​National Arbitration & Mediation (NAM)

​CEDR Accredited Mediator

New Jersey Rule 1:40 Qualified Mediator

​​​Pennsylvania Council of Mediators

​New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators

​Former Executive Director Montgomery Conflict Mediation Center

Certified by the National Association of Certified Mediators

Mission Statement

Our firm specializes in helping business owners, management or employees, buyers or sellers, and customers or consumers with all their legal needs, while resolving any disputes that occur.

Contact Information

Toll Free : 84 4 ADR NOW 9

                : (844 237-6699)

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Mediation Experience​

SelectedMediation Training

Essential Skills, American Arbitration Association, (AAA)                                                 40 Hours      

Advanced International Mediation (Center For Effective Dispute Resolution, CEDR)      34.5 Hours

New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, (NJICLE)                                       22.5 Hours

Cross Border Mediation, International Mediation Alliance                                                 9 Hours

Dealing With Difficult People, Montgomery Conflict Mediation Center, (MCMC)              7 Hours

The Strategic Mediator, Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI)                                                 6 Hours

Mediation Ethics, MCMC                                                                                                   2 Hours 

Mediating High Profile Cases, Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR)                        1.5 Hours

Lessons Learned from Labor and Employment Mediation and their application 

to the broader ADR fields and vice versa,  ACR                                                               2 Hours                             

Mediation & Settlement Techniques of a Business Dispute, NJICLE                               1.75 Hours

Multi-Party Mediations, AAA                                                                                             1.5 Hours

​High Stakes Mediations PBI                                                                                              1 Hour

People Skills and Mediation,  Improving Communication and Avoiding Chaos, AAA       1 Hour

Stories Mediators Tell, AAA                                                                                              1.5 Hours

What Every Mediator Needs to Understand About Attorneys and Effective
Advocacy in Mediation, Creighton University Werner Institute (CUWI)                            1 Hour

Mediation Preparation, Philadelphia Bar Association                                                       1 Hour

Mediation’s Global Growth, AAA                                                                                       1 Hour  

​The Psychological Impediments to Settlement , CLM